"Amazing. I could not put it down. It really draws you in and you want to hear more about the characters and then BAM, you are hit with a tragedy. It is constructed and written beautifully."

"Reminded me of a more insightful (and grounded) Kerouac. I loved it."

"Hogan offers an interesting look at being young, male and American. One isn´t sure how much of the books are autobiographical, which supports the theory that this is good writing."

"How do you write a coming of age story, when you think you’ve already come of age? Hogan tells us how."

"Very Good!"  BookReview.com

"As good as anything out there."

"Very smooth and conversational."

"There is a voice in fiction which has the ring of truth, and then there is truth itself. (TH) is a vibrant American original, whose specialty is serving up the truth. He moves us and makes us laugh, his heart is often on his sleeve—but only when that is where truth lies. The time will come when he isn't a cult secret."

"Maybe a glimpse into the world of man for women. [This] is good writing."  BookReview.com

"[These] stories capture many of the feelings I first felt when I read Catcher in the Rye."

"For folks who have ever lost a semi-precious thought while looking out of an airplane window; you may find it here."

"I was immediately pulled into the story by the intoxicating descriptions of the smells and voices of New Orleans. The author did what good authors do, gave words to things I've felt but didn't say. This book was a pleasure to read."

"[The] book remains by my bedside (in a stack that includes Norman Mailer and Tolstoy!) and is frequently brought out during dinner parties."

"A really fun read."

"I read your stories this weekend. I loved them. I want more! The characters left me wanting more. I even think the spaces replacing bad words is brilliant. I think these are perfect for a Mardi Gras issue of the New Yorker. Thanks so much. You are very talented."

"A real coup! Well conceived, powerfully executed, and overall very effective. The contrast between the streets and the hotel, the journey motif, the narrator as observer, etc."

"You've created that wonderful mixture of anticipation and excitement tinged with the illicit."

"The envy that seeps through the exact descriptive language is elegant and tantalizing. Very palpable."

"This poem is full of life and is not afraid to show it. This is strong, direct and simple. You have found a voice and stayed with it, even when you describe aging."

"Cool lines - excellent ending."

"Real good stuff, Mister Hogan. Also Led Zep Kashmir in feel. The underlying theme is there and kept almost a secret until the last stanza, and I like that quality about it. Very excellent."

"Great James Wright-like title. Frostian! You seem to have a great life-affirming spark. There seems to be a dance in your words. Full on—with a kind of weird religious moment."

"There's something real here—it's what Freud mourned, the loss of the mother, the oceanic, wholeness, simplicity, unconditional love."

"I like the images. It is great the way you incorporated the theme of growing up into that of bath time."

"Well done. I like this poem because you have used language perfectly to capture the playful tone. Very warm stanza in the middle. You bring me there and make me smile. Your word choice was excellent."

"This was a fun poem to read. The passage through time and all the verbs create a nice fast paced rhythm. I loved the theme and the connections of morning, breakfast energy, fun, etc."

"I love this poem! It's all great. The whole oatmeal repetition is fantastic."

"I like this a lot—simple, short, easy to understand, especially the oatmeal mornings, the freshness, happiness, getting youth from short words."

"I like the circular going one way, and the sing-song repetition. Eccentricity, confidence, and weirdness!"

"I like how you use the street's one-way direction for a purpose. If it ran both ways it could lead you back to what you sought sanctuary from."

"This is a really interesting poem. It's challenging to read, a little like a tongue-twister. There's something very pleasing and restful here though. Wonderful phrases. Nice music to these lines. I really love the feel of this poem."

"I like the poem a lot and thought it was well written. Good contrast. Great descriptions—sort of an escape from city life."

"You brought out my feelings for a street, its comfort and warmth. I commute through Boston traffic every day, and I know what a great feeling it is to hop out of traffic onto a relaxed, non-busy street."

"Good descriptions flying through a lot of material in a great economy of words."

"The street seems to me like some sort of imaginary guide. Smooth motion throughout. Very interesting. Excellent details especially in the fourth stanza."

"There is definitely the feeling, through your descriptions, of this street as a soothing, relaxed place away from the chaos of Boston. Your parallelism works well in this poem."

"Good internal rhyme. Good repetition. Good details. I love that it guides people away from the bad, busy city streets."

"Lovely. Funny. Poignant."

"Totally awesome! Totally rad! The most! Way cool! Fuckin A! Rock on! Bad Tad!"

"I like this a lot! The price of inactivity, and yearning for the coast, is great."

"Great. Beautiful. Strong. A lot of beautiful imagery."

"Beautiful rhythm, sounds, music, language."

"You have the most beautiful control of language—it's stunning—it really comes through here again. Really nice, with the internal time clock!"

"Once again, I love some of these word combinations. Thumbs up from Jim."

"I like this—you take an escapist poem and land it solidly on the ground—cool and depressing—like a gruff old man. Good job!"

"I loved the line "make me stop this time not knowing there is real beauty in the world"."

"The last line and a half was terrific, wrapping up the poem. I found a slight satanic quality about them... no, just kidding."

"Wow. I love the line "of flesh free in the daytime" and now I
want more of that wildness—more philosophic statements like that. It's another good poem, but so abstract! I can't totally figure it out."

"Tad, I like this—I like the concentrated voice and passion in this —the intensity and concern, someone really trying to talk someone into something—in earnest. And it also borders on the humorous—a little inadvertently funny."

"I understand. I liked it a lot. DEEP! I love the intensity of the third stanza."

"Your goal was to write a love poem without sounding cliché. Well, you did it! This reminds me of a song I heard. I love the repetition—the fact that a lot of lines end with "with me".
Way good."

"I'm really impressed with this. I like the feeling of falling physically, not just mentally in love."

"Your poem draws the reader in from the very first line."

"Very romantic. Very phallic. Very persuasive. Yeah, love is hard to describe."

"Wow. Pretty deep. But watch it—the women will get you. Totally rad and neato. Le gusto!"

"The second stanza really begins to cook for me—"I would grab this agony, god, and kick it in the teeth if you promised me bliss. But I will wait." etc.  That's engaging!"

"Great hollow winter images like "rotting leaves".  And sharp images like "kick it in the teeth"—it really hurts!  You write with a distinct flair, with amazingly rich words."

"There's a real tension here between a happy light feeling and the bitter agony. You have such beautiful language that a lot of the time I have to force myself to look at the meaning."

"I love this poem, images, languages, voice."

"Your language is the ultimate of coolness."

"This is extremely well done. Love opening couplet, particularly enjambed  end words "swinging" and "leafless"."

"This is a great poem! The tone is well conveyed. I like the reference to God."

"You've done a great job here. I love your language, the way you touch us. This is really great work. Very nice!"

"Nice rhythm and tone here. I like "but it's nothing like Connecticut here"."

"This is Awesome. You bring the poem to an unexpected place and you leave us with an unexpected and powerful line. You rock, you roll, you rule the universe, you are Tad America."

"I really enjoyed the honesty and straightforwardness. You do a good job with the speaker's voice. It is consistent and frank—his feelings seem genuine and this makes the poem worthwhile."

"I really liked the first stanza—some truly good images. You certainly do well relaying his pride."

""Cumbersome pots" are good clunky image. And the end is great. That being said—I want you to put more YOU in the personality of the cook."

"You set up a great poem in the first line. This poem (as well as your others) show a lot of insight."

"Definitely far out."

"It's well written—as usual—but then what?"

"I love this poem, especially after reading it a few times. The last line pulls everything together and definitely makes it work."

"Very Plathe-like."

"Your intention is clear here—and your ironic tone so wonderfully successful: on an island in the summer, tourists seem absurd and unattractive even though the island trade
depends on them."

"Every detail seems to contribute to the purpose of the essay. The narrative flows smoothly and nothing seems extraneous."

"Actually, the last paragraph is my favorite. I find it hilarious. In general, what seems best about the essay is the restraint. Like the best of minimal art, what is understated or kept in control, is most satisfying here."

"Reads very well. The juxtaposition of daily work and intrusion to violence comes off very well."

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