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"G.T. Hogan has worked with a team of
analysts/editors in Los Angeles at
Story Merchant Books to bring these
 three stories to near perfection."

"....with the juxtaposition of quiet           
          normalcy and violent events...."

the Bromeliad Trilogy

Free Birds

Up here on Casings

Truth, Beauty

"...young, twenty-something, living far
from home, yet still grappling with the
unbreakable ties of family & adolescence,

"...while also meeting people, seeing new
 things, experiencing big & small events."


"Hogan has given us amazing,
plot-driven short novels."

The first 3 pages of each is FREE.

Then to read a whole story,
send $3 dollars—or thereabouts.
The astute reader chooses how much.

Send thru Venmo or Paypal

for the password.

Basic descriptions from the author:

"First is a road trip about friends, love,
America, and tragedy. Second is about a
guy with “Up” Syndrome who harasses
his younger cousin in the San Juans
without realizing it. Third is like a
middle-class Great Gatsby in New
Orleans with a sexy older heroine."

G.T.H.'s favorite "reading experiences":

by Raymond Carver,
The Stranger by Albert Camus,
The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner,
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald,
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

Audio of the Bromeliad Trilogy will soon
be at

other short stories and poems
(not linked yet)

years of comments & reviews

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